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Why work with Armonia Translation?

What are your needs?

Armonia Translation is a dedicated team of English to French translators strinving not just to translate texts, but to go further: drive focus and attention to your brand in an idiomatic, organic way. We are not just translators: we are cultural and people specialists, we inspire and connect using words, fostering your brand in order to raise awarness to your cause and mission.

Having experiences in the fields helps us get a better grasp on what obstacles will come your way on your translation project: been there, done that! Trust an expert that will allow to steer your translation process in the right way.

Too many time have I seen large projects where people miss something important, something that that is crucial as a whole that needed attention from the get-go and, oops!, two minutes to midnight and we are in trouble!
Choosing the right translation tool, the right processes, understanding the urdles of wokring with a specific type of documents and files, is the right way to go. Deliver your project on time with us, and save yourself headaches.


Why should you work with a certified translator?

As of the year 2020, Armonia Translation is a part of The Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréées du Québec (OTTIAQ), a professionnal order in Canada and Quebec for all related translation, terminology and interpretation tasks : its members strives to ensure and promote competency, they are professionals, and the Order is there to protect, you, the public.

It is one of the main advantages and the reason why you should work with a certified translator: a certified translator has been vetted by its peers and his skills is recognized as such. You are working with a certified translator, they are bound to follow their code of ethics and they have a title that is recognized on a national level and abroad. To become a certified translator, one has to have the appropriate degree and commit to continuing education through out their career. it is a system of check and balance.
Not all translator are certified, generally speaking you don't need to work with a certified translator. But with a certified translator, with a vetted professional, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work that you will receive. Working with a certified translator, it is a seal of quality applied on every translation you receive.


Human translation, for a human world

We, at Armonia Translation, believe that at the very core of the translation process lies someone like that: an avid reader, and avid writer, a passion for words and an unwavering commitement to a craft. A linguist working with books, treating translation like an art form (and having a beard longer than it should be when trying to meet a very stict deadline). 

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