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Past experiences and projects
We have a wide array of experience working for multiples clients in many fields. Here's a just a sample of the work we have done in the past... and looking forward to even more!

Marketing, advertising and consumer relations

  • Social media relations and posts

  • Product packaging, posters and signage (outdoor equipment)

  • Marketing translation in compliance to ad standards

  • Motor vehicule marketing copy

  • Loyalty programs

  • User manuals

  • Phone scripts dialogue


Clothing accessories

  • Labels and clothings descriptions


Movies and televisions

  • Movie subtitling (drama and comedy)

  • Television ads and marketing campaign for YouTube and other social media


Fitness and fitness equipment

  • Fitness equipment and products (packing, user manual)

  • Fitness workout programs (video and programs)

  • Social media post for fitness company



  • Learners manual (technical and non technical)

  • Learning games, education

  • Training tools and documents



  • Fintech and app and web based financial tools

  • Blogs and articles on financial technologies

  • Web portals


Surveys and consumer pulse tools

  • Surveys and study research on consumer habits (real estate, insurances

  • Public and social matters

  • Phone script dialogue



  • Recipes and cookbooks

  • Social media posts

  • Food packaging


Computers and hardware products

  • Hardware peripherals and devices specs

  • Smart phones, tablets, smart watches



  • Heavy machinery and welding

  • Health hazard warnings and safety procedures

  • Harness and workplace equipement copy (packaging)

Safety Regulations


Employee and corporate communications        

  • Internal corporate communications

  • Unions and workers rights

  • Web based portals

  • Meeting notes

  • Internal videos (subtitling, transcription)


  • People biography and stories


  • Safety regulation

  • Driving manual for school bus drivers

  • Best practices with passagers and materials


General law

  • Endorsement agreements

  • Non disclosure agreements

Government and public sector

  • Training for executives (town hall meetings)


  • Software localization

  • App localization and Internet of Objects

  • Entity management

  • Time Clock management (employees, project manager)

  • Keywords and keywords planner (Google, Microsoft, etc.)


Video games

  • Text based games

  • Action and adventures games for mobile

  • Marketing material for video games company

  • Learning games (for kids)


Health and medical

  • Requisition form and specimen collection and procedures (study participant)

  • Assent to participate in a research study

  • Study Guide

  • In-Lab test kits

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