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Translation is an art form: a marketing campaign, a website or just the regular email needs to be idiomatic, to be read and understood naturally by your audience. Such is the task of translator, to create a connection between you, your brand, your services or your product, to an international audience.An author will give life to characters and stories. Being a writer is in own right, a translator will bring life into your texts, connect your brand and your mission to your public

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Translation is… well, translation: the act of movement of one language to the other, it can be seen as making a copy or text idiomatic, enjoyable to read or informative. It is the act of translation all the while as presenting the same ideas.

A good translation is a copy that flows well, that feels like an idiomatic text. Adaptation and creativity are a necessity when it is impossible to render the idea of the source language to the target language.


For a creative problem, there is always a creative solution: that is where transcreation comes in. Transcreation is a new(ish) way of seeing translation for marketing copy or campaign material (think TV ads, Twitter and Facebook posts): it is translation with a creative intent, to have the same idea in one language, but use different words to translate that same idea if need be. A transcreation is mostly about adopting an artistic point of view, thinking outside the box.


Edition and proofreading is sometime a required additionnal step to make any text, content or copy readable to a wide audience: even the best writer, editor or copywriter sometime needs to have a closer look at any material.
This is beyond than just looking from grammatical errors. It is that extra mile, finding the right word, seeing a copy through different eyes. 

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