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Who we are
Established in 2015, Armonia Translation is a specialized linguistic certified native French speaking team, delivering expert English to French translation services to companies and translation agencies around the world.
Translation in an art form
Writing is an art form, and translation should be treated as is. A translated text should be idiomatic, meaning it should feel like it was written in the target language in the first place. Such an undertaking needs creativity and a deep knowledge of languages.
From one ocean to the other, Canada is a beautiful and culturally diverse place. At Armonia Translation, we provide services in translation and other related fields, specializing in English to French translation.
Canadians are friendly, open to the world, so come in, sit by the fireside (or "Tire-toi une bûche" as we would say in French) and tells us your stories, we would love to hear from you.

You have a translation project but do not know where to start? Book a quick free 30 minutes meeting with us, maybe we can help you out!

Do you have a project you need to be translated and you want us to have a look at it? Send it to us and we will send you a quote

Our pledge

Bulletproof translation

Using specialized tools and technology to our advantage, we are using a centralized approach where translators and an editor work seamlessly together on the text, at the same time, to meet the highest standards in terms of quality. “Is that comma necessary?” “This is the right word, but it’s not what the client would use!”  Don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered.

Our pledge

Turnkey solutions

Need a one stop shop for everything? Need it translated and proofread, and nice and tidy with formatting? We got it: no need to juggle with multiple resources. Let us handle everything.

The Team

Nicholas B.-Lagacé
C. TR., MA

Nicholas Bachant-Lagacé is an English to French freelance translator in the fields of marketing, communication, health and fitness, human resources, law, medical and pedagogy. Holding a bachelor’s degree in translation and French studies, and a master’s degree in creative writing, counting more than seven years of experience in the field, he never forgives that behind every text lies an author and a reader. When he is not translating, you can find him reading (or writing) a book with a cat on his lap.

Famous quote: "Oh, look at me, I speak French! Ladida!"

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